H&H 20-in-1 Lock Picks Set Transparent Practice Padlock Bundle


  • $54.99

The H&H 20-in-1 H&H Lock Pick Set is different from most conventional pick tools on the market to help locksmiths to solve difficult problems.

* 12 pieces most popular pick blade instruments.
* 7 pieces different function tension tools to fit different types of cylinder
* 1 piece broken key extractor
* Stylish, streamlined handle, easy to hold.
* Longer size provides enough length to open car.
* Each pick is polished throughout including the handle and blade.
* Suitable for narrow keyway lock cylinders

* Handle: Very light aluminum alloy handle and excellent finish
* Blade: High flexibility and quality stainless steel blade.
* Thickness of Blade: 0.5mm (0.0196")
* Weight: 270 grams (one full set with and excellent high quality zippered case)

This bundle comes with H&H 20-in-1 Lock Pick Set and a transparent practice padlock.

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